Waga paletowa pod wózki paletowe

Pallet weight for pallet trucks (66998)

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Leszek Caputa

Quick Product Description:

Multitasking, fast and precise pallet weighing scales, easy to use and move, which accelerates the weighing of any goods on europallets (800x1200 mm).

Conveniently weigh the pallet transported through the hand pallet truck

It is equipped with wheels and handle, which allows for easy movement and use of the balance in other places where it is necessary to weigh.

Load capacity from 600kg to 3000kg.

Accuracy from 100g

Legalization of CE-M (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

Cyfrowe systemy ważące, wagi, wózki paletowe z wagami, wagi do wózków paletowych, wagi do wózków widłowych

Measuring & control equipment, Forklifts, Pallet trucks, Scales, Palletisers

Przemysłowa 10, 40-020, Katowice, Poland
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