Linia recyklingu butelek PET (mycie, kruszenie, suszenie)

PET bottle recycling line (washing, crushing, drying) (90596)

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Tomasz Jackowski

  1. Bale Opener (17,2 kW)
  2. Belt Conveyor (3 kW)
  3. Bottle Label Remover (37,5 kW)
  4. Belt Conveyor (2 pieces x 3 kW)
  5. RBM1500 Crusher (2 pieces x 90 kW + 2 * 0,55 kW)
  6. Horizontal Screw Loader (2 pieces x 2,2 kW)
  7. Screw Loader (4 kW)
  8. Flotation Washing Tank (4 kW + 0,55 kW)
  9. Screw Loader (3 kW)
  10. High Speed Friction Washer (37 kW + 1,5 kW)
  11. Screw Loader (4 kW)
  12. Flotation Washing Tank (4 kW + 0,55 kW)
  13. Screw Loader (4 kW)
  14. Centrifugal Dryer (37 kW)
  15. Pipeline Dryer (48 kW + 7,5 kW + 5,5 kW)
  16. Label Flake Separator (11 kW)
  17. Vibrating Packaging system (7,5 kW)
  18. Electric Cabinet
If you send us an inqury please mention our offer reference number: RBEKCM-462 A/2015
We can offer as well different configurations of the washing lines (hot and cold washing)

We offer as well:
1) regranulation lines for PET, PE, PP, PVC, PA, PC
2) water treatment systems for washing lines
3) laboratory equipment for testing of plastic raw materials

Maszyny do przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych i recyklingu: linie do recyklingu, wytłaczarki, urządzenia

Single screw extruders, Double screw extruders, Extrusion lines for blow film production, Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles, Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets, Lines for rubber drawing, Washing machines, Lines for mechanical recycling, Extrusion lines for laminating and coating, Laboratory extruders

Angermünder Strasse 101, 16227, Eberswalde k.Berlina, Germany

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