AC motors (82513)

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Armin Dietsche

AC motors from Dunker motors are characterized by robust construction and are maintenance free over its lifetime.

Single-phase capacitor motors Series KD & three-phase motors Series DR:

The motors are solidly designed and are maintenancefree for life. The multi-grooved stator contains a threefold winding which, together with the phase-shifting capacitor, reates a symmetrical rotating field at the rated working point of the motor. The rotor is of the squirrel-cage type. Various diameters and a variety of design lengths provide rated torques from 0,75 to 31.5 Ncm in double-pole or four-pole versions.

Special points:

» Solid, maintenance-free

» Reversible

» Insulation to VDE 0530, insulating class F

» High degree of protection, IP 54

» Terminal box cover, can be turned by 4 x 90°

» Built-in fan tor optimum cooling


Planetary gearbox, Worm gearbox, Brushed DC motor, Brushless DC Motor, Permanent, Servomotor, Motor

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