Packaging Depot 2009 13.05 - 17.05.2009, Moldova, Moldova,
fairgrounds of IEC “Moldexpo” S.A

Ghioceilor 1. MD-2008 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
+373 22/ 58-22-92
+373 22/ 58-22-92
  • Equipment and machinery for production of tare and packaging items: polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, tin, plasmas, glass items; corrugated and micro-corrugated articles, etc.
  • Packing machines: dosing, sealing, wrapping, vacuuming, wielding, sticking, washing etc.
  • Raw and semi-finished materials for packaging and tare production: glues, varnishes, printing ink, polyethylene pre-forms etc.
  • Packing materials: paper, cardboard, parchment, flexible packaging materials, multi-layer materials, pellicle, aluminum foil, materials for transportation packing
  • Packing items: jars, bottles, jerricans, disposables, sacks, bags, glasses, non-expandable tare, trays, boxes and cases
  • Auxiliary packing items: caps, lids, tapes, corks, staples, tubes
  • Label production
  • Equipment for packing goods arrangement: machinery for polygraph, coding, marking, labeling, press machines for foil stamping
  • Recycling: equipment and technologies of packaging and technical wastes processing
  • Weight-handling equipment: loaders, carts, pilers, tackles, hauling winches, lifting jacks, rolling transporters
  • Control-cash machines and weighting equipment
  • Logistics: Expedition of goods. Customs procedures. Load insuring. Equipment for security ensuring of logistic objects
  • Transport: International transportation. Express transportation
  • Warehouse: Warehouse services. Stock bins and storage systems. Warehouse gates and sealers. Cleaning facilities

  • Topic of the month: Injection molding machines
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