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Ilapak will show at interpack how minimize cost per pack


Ilapak launches new technology at interpack which enables all customers to achieve lowest cost per pack.

New developments being displayed by Ilapak at Interpack will demonstrate how all packaging customers can minimize cost per pack, whatever style and level of pack presentation their products demand.

The company`s increasing emphasis on supplying innovative technology, reliable equipment, top quality service and the lowest possible energy and material consumption is the key to Ilapak`s ability to help customers achieve this goal. Enhanced reliability is a prominent feature of all the new developments to Ilapak`s latest packaging machines.

This is achieved by the use of high quality, commercially available components, a user-friendly HMI to minimize operator errors, an electronic platform capable of web connection to allow remote monitoring and software designed to predict component failures well in advance.

Several energy saving features are also incorporated in the latest machines including greater thermal efficiency of sealing jaws and rollers and the use of energy recuperation systems in the motor drives. In addition to new machines incorporating these features, Ilapak will be demonstrating for the first time at an exhibition a fully operational version of their VacMap flow-wrapper, the only system available that enables manufacturers to produce attractive, high quality flow-wrap packs with the same shelf life as thermoformed packs, but at much lower cost.

Shown wrapping fresh pizzas, the patented VacMap technology offers a unique "three in one" packaging solution flow-wrap, MAP and VacMap, in a single, versatile and extremely efficient machine that substantially reduces production costs.

The high performance HFFS flow-wrapper combines vacuum and MAP packaging in a single machine and provides a low cost method of prolonging the shelf life of bakery products without the use of an alcohol spray or thermoforming.

As a result, VacMap is able to create traditional and attractive flow-wrap style packs with all the cost-saving and efficiency benefits of flow-wrapping high throughputs, fast product size changes, ease of use, reduced material and labour costs, fully automatic feeding and high quality pack presentation. Also demonstrated for the first time will be a new electronic control platform, using a Linux operating system.

This powerful and advanced open source operating system runs on an industrial PC and offers fast, detailed diagnostic and machine status information; this can be accessed both locally or remotely from an Ilapak factory via either an Ethernet, wireless or GSM connection for fast, online fault correction. To allow quick and easy maintenance and repairs, the Linux system uses only commercially available components.

Easy to operate, users can also access full technical support over the internet. In addition, Ilapak operates an extensive network of local service centers, offering full support to customers worldwide. As well as featuring these latest developments, the new Carrera 4000, which will be shown for the first time at Interpack, is also the first of Ilapak`s new range of horizontal packaging machines to enable the lowest cost per pack to be achieved by optimizing machine size and performance at the time of purchase through its incremental modular design.

Customers are enabled to ?future proof? their equipment, allowing configuration changes to be made simply by exchanging or adding new modules; so that while the specification of a new machine can be cost-effectively tailored to current requirements, changes can be made easily and economically in the future without incurring the cost of a new machine. The customer is thus able to customize the machines specification to his precise needs at the time of purchase, secure in the knowledge that the machine can be reconfigured if his production requirements change over time.

Also incorporating many of these latest features is Ilapak`s new Vegatronic 2000-450OF, an addition to its successful range of vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines, on display for the first time at this year show.

This is the first of Ilapaks intermittent film motion machines to feature an easy to clean, open frame design, offering exceptional hygiene standards to meet the most stringent requirements and regulations of the food industry. The stainless steel model on display offers high speed packaging for wet applications such as frozen products, salads, cheese, fruits and vegetables. The machine also has four servomotors for excellent reliability and precision.

To highlight the wide range of packaging machines offered by Ilapak, the display at Interpack will also include a Vegatronic 500 combined multi-head scale and bagging machine with fully integrated control system, a Delta 500 LDR flow bag machine with an integral vacuum unit packing large blocks of cheese in a shrinkable barrier film, a Delta 3000LD wrapping sliced bread on edge and a Carrera 3000HS complete, high speed chocolate bar packaging line including cartooning.

ILAPAK is one of the most experienced and fastest growing manufacturers of industrial wrapping machinery for primary packaging utilising flexible wrapping materials. We provide the full range of products and dedicated services that our customers need to achieve success in their markets. With headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, ILAPAK has fourteen sales and service subsidiaries in different countries across the world, as well as a significant number of qualified sales and service agents in other countries.

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