New light-weighted PET bottle Coraz więcej coraz chudszych opakowań z tworzyw

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New light-weighted PET bottle
Mineral water supplier Evian has developed a new 1.5-litre, light-weighted bottle that will be launched this month.

The bottle weight will be reduced by 11% compared to its predecessor, down from 32g to 28.6g. Initially the bottle will contain 25% recycled PET, but Evian intends to increase this to 50% during the course of 2011. The bottle has been designed for easier compacting so that it takes less space in the bin and therefore encourages people to recycle. The caps and labels for the new bottle are also made from PET, making the bottle 100% recyclable and simplifying the process for recycling companies.

The bottles will be produced by Evian’s established supplier, Artenius PET Packaging Europe at its plant in Beaune / France. The site’s manager, Frederic Blanchard, said the relationship with Evian “allows us to develop important recycling techniques and processes” and that Evian’s exacting demands encouraged the company into a “continuous improvement process” in terms of its packaging technology. The plant is one of the largest recyclers in Europe and has some 140 employees.

Evian is part of the Danone Group. The launch of its latest eco-designed bottle is regarded as an important step by the company, which has set as an objective to reduce its carbon emissions by 40% between 2008-2012.

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