New high-performance cooling system

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New high-performance cooling system
Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion has added a new high-performance cooling system to the new Evolution blown film line generation.

This advance will make it possible for film manufacturers to significantly increase output capacity.

The new cooling design evenly cools from within and without, employing the same concept as the successful cooling system ECP (Enhanced Cooling Package), which has been used for years now in the production of heavy duty sacks. Our engineers have designed Evolution Ultra Cool with a height-adjustable cooling ring and an air-cooled inner cooling system that optimise the air conduction inside the bubble, keeping the bubble stable even at high throughput. The system's high cooling capacity permits a die factor well above two. This makes it possible for manufacturers to produce much more efficiently.

Due to the high bubble stability, extremely low thickness and width tolerances are possible even at high throughputs. In addition, short startup times and job changeover times ensure that high-capacity production is efficient.

Priorities in the development of the Evolution Ultra Cool were not only improved performance, but also the user-friendliness of the line. Optimised cooling elements and a height-adjustable cooling ring ensure that the line can be started up and operated during production as operators are accustomed to, the system is just as easy to operate as a conventional cooling system.

Evolution Ultra Cool can be used for numerous film applications including general packaging film, collation shrink film, stretch hoods, hygienic packaging film, and stand-up pouches. The system has already found several buyers and is successfully in operation in many regions of the world.

New high-performance cooling system

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