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PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is made from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. There are two main types of PET: Amorphous PET (APET) and Crystalline PET (CPET), the main difference being that CPET is partly crystallized, while APET is amorphous. Due to its partially crystalline structure, CPET is opaque, while APET´s amorphous structure provides glass quality clarity.
defined is one of the most popular forms of packaging for both the pharmaceutical and retail environments. Its’ popularity largely stems from the fact that it allows the product(s) to be see, can be easily automated and is a relatively low cost packaging solution.
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sent: 22 Nov 2012, 9:06
Hello, Dear Friend,

This is Joyce from Sino Mould, We are specialized in making PET prefor molds.
Now i am sharing the points for how to make a bottle.

What we are packaging?

•Carbonated drink
What equipment do we offer ?
•Preform Mould
•Preform molding system
•Bottle Mould
•Bottle blowing system
•Filling system
•Conveying system
•Downstream Packaging System

Bottle production flow chart

Provide following information to get the most economical solution from us

•What’s your bottle specification? Includes Bottle shape, bottle volume, bottle weight, bottle neck diameter, bottle filling temperature.
•What are you going to pack? (water, juice or carbonated drink ? )
•What’s the productivity are you expecting in one hour ?

If you want to start a PET bottles line, pls contact Sino Mould

Thank you

Miss Joyce
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sent: 22 Nov 2012, 9:25
Now i showing the diagrammatic drawing for how to made the bottles
pls see the pictures
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sent: 15 Mar 2013, 13:16
How about design, I want plastic bottle for energy drink with ours design, in witch format should i send you design of my bottle?
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If you want to know how the PET bottle make, pls kindy log in the below links, it introduces the process of the PET bottles making.
If you want to know more, pls kindly contact me
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