Thermoforming moulds

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RotoVac Group Inc.

Broad Plastic Design and Manufacturing Solutions

Internova Group

Manufacturing of moulds


Borghi, a world leader in the production of machinery for the Broom and Brush Industry.

CAX Mold Technology Limited

CAX Mold Technology Limited specializes in producing high-quality plastic injection molds and injection molded products to the global market.

Ecosinplast s.r.o.

Steel Rotation Moulds nad General Steelwork

Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH

Thermoforming moulds, stackers & other handling equipment for the plastic cup and lid production


Presses, universal injectors, machines for the moulding of thermosetting phenolic resins.

Taizhou Huangyan Sanlei Mould & Plastic Company Limited

Moulds for automotive industry

Lokas F.H.U.P.

Lokas F.H.U.P.

Frezmet 2 - Zbigniew Auguściak

Frezmet 2 - Zbigniew Auguściak