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Bianor Sp. z o.o.

Plastics processing, household goods parts, technical parts for different sectors

Bianor Sp. z o.o.

Spółdzielnia Inwalidów Przyjaźń

Company specializes in thermal plastics processing including: PP, PS, SAN, ABS, PE, PC, PA. Our plant is currently processing approximately 300 tons of various plastics

Spółdzielnia Inwalidów Przyjaźń

Dunkermotoren GmbH

Planetary gearbox, Worm gearbox, Brushed DC motor, Brushless DC Motor, Permanent, Servomotor, Motor

Cheshire MOT & Service Centre

Cheshire MOT & Service Centre can help; we are a local independent vehicle repair specialist that provides you with an alternative to paying too much. Plus we ensure that all work undertaken is in line with the car manufacturer's guidelines

Specialty Truck and Offroad

Speciality Truck and Offroad is one of Edmonton’s leading one stop shops for off road, installations and custom fabrications for trucks. We specialize in accessories, truck parts, tires and wheels

Shenzhen DMP Injection Limited

DMP is a global supplier for solutions on high-pricision injection molds, bi-injection(2K) molds, automotive molds and cosmetic molds as well; and also with solutions to plastic process for automotive industry, bi-injection(2K) molding, cosmetic packaging

DRT Moldes

Molds for the plastic injection industry

Albis Plastic

Plastic materials and products

Inteplast Group

The largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America

AEP Group

Manufacturer of extrusion process, print process up to 8 colors and conversion into bags, covers