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Shenzhen Songyuxing Mould Casting Co. Ltd.

Die Casting, Sand Casting , Precision Cnc Machining ,Assembly/Oem

Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry CO.,Ltd

Established in Jan 2004,Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of various pigment carbon blacks.

Ergis - Eurofilms S.A.

We are Poland’s biggest plastics processing company and PVC products manufacturer

Ergis - Eurofilms S.A.

PHU Dariusz Kraszewski

LEGO bricks

PHU Dariusz Kraszewski

Jinan Xunjie Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

filling machine,packing machine, packaging machine , oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine


glass, glass blocks, windows, vinyl vents, fusing



Plastic pallets and other plastic products

BS Rollen

Wheels, rollers and conveyance products


IA solutions and technical support


Internal handling systems, safety protection, paint drying ovens, thermoforming ovens