Primo Sp. z o.o.

Primo Sp. z o.o. producer of Plastic overcaps for aerosol cans and more

Address details:
Grobelna 8
95-200 Pabianice, Poland
phone: +48 42 215 44 85
phone 2: +48 607828210
fax: +48 42 213 89 89
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Activity description:

Primo Sp. z o.o.offers plastic molded products, we are specialized on over caps for aerosol packaging. Beside our normal range we are offering premium services for molding parts from Customer molds. Especially for parts with following assembly, we have great capacities to offer for our clients. Production and assembly on a competitive price basis, in the Europe s our main goal. Our Company is well recognized on the East European Market for our main product range From our facility in Pabianice, Poland we supply companies in Germany, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Belarus and Ukraine. Please feel free to move on, on our website to discover the possibilities of our Company.