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About CMT:

CMT conference programs are tailored for today’s and tomorrow’s evolving business environment where technology, markets and products continuously change to gain a competitive edge. In fast changing business environments where knowledge obsolescence is a feature, CMT events offer the most effective opportunity to narrow the knowledge gaps. High quality analysis, precise insights and strategic directions define CMT's events.

CMT’s business forums focus on key sectors:
Petrochemicals [Olefins, Aromatics, Methanol, etc]Oil [Upstream Exploration & Production, Downstream Refining and Oil Trade, Jet Fuels] Gas [ LPG, Natural Gas, GTL, Unconventional Gas]Coal & CO2 [Mining & Trade, Coal to Liquid, Coal-Based Chemicals, Coal Gasification, Coal Bed Methane, CCS ]Plastics [PET, Polyolefins, PVC, PU]Specialty polymers [Engineering Thermoplastics, Elastomers]Specialty chemicals [Coatings, Silicones, Personal and Home Care, Surfactants ] Commodities [Sugar, Cement, Steel, Grains, Palm Oil] Agriculture and agribiotechnology [Seeds, Stevia, Large Scale Farming, Sustainable Plantation Management – Rubber, Palm]Bio Energy & Bio-Products [Biofuels, Biomass to Liquids, Jatropha, Sorghum, Algae, Biopolymers, bio-based chemicals]


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