Business Start

Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

Shaping the World with Plastics

Key Growth Markets:

Pipe systems
Borealis is the leading global provider of advanced polyolefin plastics solutions for the pipe industry. Through
more than 30 years of close dialogue with customers and other stakeholders, we have developed a broad and innovative product and service portfolio. The applications cover water and gas distribution, waste and sewage disposal, chemical and industrial projects, in-house
plumbing and heating as well as oil and gas exploration and transport.

Energy and communication cables
As a leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry, our solutions are widely used in low, medium and high-voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, in data and communication cables, and in building and automotive wires.

Borealis supplies a wide range of plastics solutions to the
automotive industry that are used for dashboards, door side claddings, front ends, air vent systems, bumpers and under-body shieldings. These solutions are at the leading edge in areas such as zero gap applications for bumpers, off-line painted body panels and scratch resistant materials for car interiors and exteriors.

Advanced packaging
The superior properties and flexibility of Borealis polyolefins make them the advanced packaging material of choice for applications as diverse as healthcare, courier bags, food packaging, flexible and rigid transport packaging, bottles, crates, boxes, trays, large containers and pallets.