AsMoPlast International Consulting (HK) Limited

specialist in moulding, tooling and plastics processing

Address details:
111 Connaught Road
Central Hong Kong, Hong-Kong
phone: + 852 2541 5041
fax: + 852 2815 0002
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Activity description:

AsMoPlast is a specialist in moulding, tooling and plastics processing in China and Asia. With a team of highly qualified engineers, designers and specialists we can reliably complete the complex customers requests within all ranges.

The moulds and tools from AsMoPlast are in all ranges in the use. Our world-wide customers as for example from Germany and Switzerland set on the experience of many years and contacs of AsMoPlast in China and Asia.
At a price advantage of up to over 50% with same quality and faster manufacture time one does not go past today. This large advantage of AsmoPlast and you build use also you its market position far out over its competition a step to thus be ahead.