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What is the third-party logistics packaging?

The third-party logistics packaging, logistics and product packaging that is entrusted to specialized companies to complete logistics package, which is one of the development trend of the world's logistics packaging, production companies have become wise, some people say that this is the logistics and packaging industry a revolution. Third-party logistics enterprises engaged in packaging, product manufacturing enterprises can provide optimized packaging solutions, is called in English, there are two concept, one is IntegratedPackaging Solution, referred to as the IPS; Second is Complete Packaging Solution, referred to CPS. The concept originated in the United States, popular in developed countries, with large foreign enterprises in China, we are also beginning to be far-sighted domestic firms.

Third-party logistics package has the following benefits:
1. A wealth of knowledge and experience bearers and perfect packaging, processing and testing equipment, it is possible to significantly reduce the overall cost of packaging;
2. Bearers optimized packaging material supply chain, it is possible to reduce procurement and management costs of packaging materials, the complete elimination of procurement bribery;
3. Packaging production conditions bearers can shorten the product packaging design, testing, proofing and production cycle, to adapt to rapidly changing market needs;
4. Bearers storage conditions, packaging products can ensure reliable and timely supply, saving manufacturers of packaging products warehousing costs;
5. Commitment to provide professional design the perfect package , you can enhance the product's brand image and environmental protection;
6. Stakeholders familiar with international packaging regulations conducive to green trade barriers and break export enterprises in developed countries;
7. You can reduce or even cancel their existing packaging design and development costs;
8. Allows production companies to limited financial, material and human resources to focus on their core product and business development, shorten and optimize the supply chain.

At the same time, third-party logistics package bearers will also be improved in the enterprise for the production of a full range of services, and to share some of the profits from cost savings in manufacturing enterprises.

In accordance with the experiece of some advanced foreign countries enterprise in China, to see them due to the implementation of the third-party logistics packaging, has achieved zero inventory, logistics and packaging costs significantly lower, than they get much higher in the local production of benefits. For example, we have recently done for the United States company's product packaging, to improve the performance PP woven bags (or PP bags) packaging to prevent breakage of the product may appear in the circulation process, and reducing the total packaging weight by 50 kg. This means further reducing logistics costs, and perfect packaging appearance, but also improve the company's brand image.

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