Shrink Packaging Machine4035
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Shrink Packaging Machine4035
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Machine name Shrink Packaging Machine4035
1.Shrink Packaging is one advanced packaging method in the international market. It adopt shrink film wrapped in the outside of the product or packaging, and then heated, so that packaging materials which bind tightly shrink the product or equipment, fully display the sales items, so as to increase the sense of beauty and value;
2. Meanwhile, the packaged items can be sealed,and prevent moisture, pollution. And to protect the goods from external shocks, has a certain buffer capacity. When the shrink film shrinks generated a certain tension, it can macke a group of items to be packaged bind tightly played a role of a binding rope, especially for multi-items in the group set and tray packaging, so this product can be widely used in various small product packaging.
Shrink Size; 400 × 350mm
Total Power; 7Kw
Load capacity; 5kg
Conveyor speed ;0-10 m / min
Temperature ;0-300 ℃
Machine Weight; 60kg
Dimension; 200 × 600 × 900mm
Voltage; 220V or 380V, 50Hz

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