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Lawn grills, parking grills, strengthenings of slopes PE/PP (54188)

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Lawn grills, parking grills, strengthenings of slopes PE/PP:
Lawn grills, parking grills, strengthenings of slopes PE/PP:

       Offered lawn / parking gratings are ideal "green" solution- a compromise between keeping the surface as a biologically active with natural infiltration of water and a beautiful green appearance and also resistant to heavy operation and the weight of cars, as well as stable and secure.      
       After sowing grass or using a different filling (eg finely milled bark, grit, gravel, sawdust, etc.), the grid becomes practically invisible. This allows designers and prospective users to fully exploit the aesthetic qualities of the natural surface, design areas with variable color and texture. This surface also shows high resistance to mechanical damage - parting, abrasion and wearing down.      
         Thanks to the grid we can largely abandon the "heavy and non-ecological solutions" - we mean a concrete or stone cobblestones, asphalt, paving stones, openwork concrete slabs (having relatively small perforations), thus the natural character of the developed surface can be obtained also on large areas such as driveways, access roads (such as evacuation, for safety purposes, fire brigade, etc.), scarpes, parking lots, external expositions, exhibitions and pavements and alleys. With limited resources of the plot, for economic reasons, while bearing in mind the need to meet the stringent requirements of spatial development plans setting out remaining after the construction minimal biologically active surface or due to the need of ecology and balance of circulation of water in the soil and nature, and avoiding the often large problem of draining off rainwater from the paved surface – the offered lawn grid of a degree of perforation - biologically active area of 96% comes to your aid and is ideal for both landscaping designers, architects, companies of gardening, construction, or small individual investors.      
      Example of applications:      
      1.Home & Garden: - the immediate vicinity of the house walls - drainage with gravel, - places of recreation, terraces, - garden paths, alleys, passages between the flowerbeds, - access to garages, sheds, septic tanks, garbage cans, - entry onto the property, - a garden pond (bottom), - roads in housing estates. 2. Cities, local governments, companies: - car parks (targeted and temporary), - covering terraces and roofs with grass, - securing flat roofs, - tennis courts, - external storage areas, - parks and green areas, - playgrounds, - cinemas, festivals, outdoor events, - holiday, leisure and recreation objects, - slopes and fittings - revetments (roads, highways, levees), - drainage ditches, - strengthenings of roads, - strengthenings and covering with grass the macadam layer at the tracks, - widenings of roads, - moorages and bridges, - strengthenings of the quay, - protection against erosion, - landing sites for helicopters, - golf paths, - alleys at the zoo, walking alleys, - pens for the animals, - horse stables, - protection of the stems and roots of trees, - temporary access roads (including construction sites) and strengthened emergency roads (eg, police, ambulance, fire brigade), - access roads and car parks on housing estates.
     The developed secure and reliable autocouplers system ensures safe and quick connection - literally grids are assembled by a single "click" without using any additional tools or equipment. Elements of the system combined into one large plate ensure equitable distribution of the burden which prevents indentations, the formation of ruts and other typical damage to green spaces - lawns. Material from which the grids are made is indifferent to the environment, resistant to weather conditions (humidity, extreme temperatures) and sunlight. Material for production is a fully recyclable granulate (PP PE HDPE) derived largely from recycling.      
     Feel free to download an information leaflet with a brief description of how to mount the grids.      
      If you have any questions, other possible options for implementation (shapes, colors, loads up to 350 ton/m2) and for the specific pricing, please contact us directly or send your request by fax or e-mail.     

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