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Gratings of chemical resistant, corrosion resistant PP of Vema (54984)

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Offered gratings - grates are made in different options for maximum load and different sizes (see the pdf file Gratings - Data Sheets) with structurally integrated  injection relieved by foaming substances, replace the traditional grates- Vema type, zinc and acid resistant. The application of AMARGO gratings eliminates the problem of corrosion and permanent maintenance occurring in the production of steel. Normally produced color is white - the other, on request.      
       The material used for production was chemically resistant polypropylene granulate of copolimer and that is why we get:      

an innovative solution - a small mass compared to steel and other metals, the effect- due to lightweight construction with full strength there are much lower installation costs,
in sharp contrast to homopolymers, a major resistance to negative temperatures up to minus 20 degrees of Celsius,
much greater stiffness and hence resistance,
unlimited chemical resistance, resulting in the possibility of use in highly aggressive environments,
durability and long life, no or minimal cost of use by eliminating the problem of corrosion, and thus the continuous maintenance as with the platforms, gratings traditionally made of steel,
wide range of options for implementation, 
electrical insulation, 
profiled structure giving high strength and flexibility simultaneously, 
system product => possibility to combine into larger strings, easy assembly, cutting and fitting to your individual needs by using only conventional tools such as woodworking,
surface - a variant of smooth / non-slip, 
performance as a monolith of the form - no joints, welds, points of weakened resistance,
the product, which in future can be 100% recycled and the obtained material reused, so it does not pollute our environment,
attractive competitive price.

         Basic applications:      

platforms at the lines in electroplating,
technological platforms in the chemical and food industry,
overhead bridges,
platform for industrial chimneys,
agriculture - grates such as for swine,
bridges to wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, separators, neutralizators,
technical dividers, partitions, openwork support elements for laying fiber and any fill in biofilter systems at stations of biogas, landfills, waste separation systems, etc.,
covers for drains and separators,
car washes, pumps, pools, kitchens - catering,
public utilities,
any other in extreme work conditions: high humidity,
gases environments and corrosive vapors, etc.

        Detailed information are contained in leaflets and directory – Enjoy reading.      

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