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Extruded PP-homopolymers od copolymers density 0,91 g/cm^3 anti-static (55465)

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PP-H sheets are produced of polypropylene homopolymer, which is harmless to health and can be used for touch with food-stuffs. It is possibile to produce the sheets in colour design respectively with UV stabilizer. However, this has practically less importance, because the sheets are to be used for interior applications. PP-H sheets have in distinction from PP-B sheets greater strenght, stiffness but smaller impact resistance at temperature under zero point. From sheets can be produced angular vessels, air pipelines, various self-supporting products of parts of technological appliances. Chemical resistance is very good.
When designing and producing it is necessary to follow the basic characteristic of material behaviour while loading and long-term use.
The sheets can be protected by means of protective foil to prevent scratches on the surface, they can be provided with pattern as well.
PP-H sheets can be mechanically processed on appliances similar to wood processing when using tools for plastics. They are bonded together by means of hot air welding, adding material or butt welding (on the rule). In order to achieve good quality of bond it is necessary that the adding material is the same material as the sheet itself or has the same welding class.
The products are packed on pallets and against damages are secured by protective sheets and strapped with tapes.
PP-H sheets must be stored properly secured against devaluation on even surface, preferably on the pallet without irregular load and out of reach heating sources. The sheets can be stored in covered rooms. Storage must be according to CSN 64 00 90.
The sheets can be transported by common means of transport, preferably with covered loading surface.
Material used for production of sheets is recyclable.
Recycling perform above all companies with occupy themselves with processing of plastic waste, partly also producers of plastic products.
Waste group according to catalogue: 20 00 00 communal waste, similar waste from trades, offices and industry, including separately collected components of these wastes.
Waste sort : 12 01 05 Plastic shavings and sheets.
Recomended way of disposal: reprocessing, burning, landfill.
The sheets are produced according to PN 006- 64, with relates to CSN EN ISO 15 013.
According to quality (colour, surface, straightness) are divided into two quality classes.
Burning degree according to CSN 73 08 23 is C3- light inflammable. It can be adapted after mutual agreement.
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