Chilled Cast Iron Roll for Rubber Mixing Mill
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We are supplying Chilled cast iron roll for rubber & plastics industry, paper industry, and oilseeds equipment. The rolls are made of special cast iron. We are supplying rolls cored, drilled, and assembled.
The centrifugal compound casting technique
I. Casting and freezing under the effect of centrifugal force, to make the roll has fine configuration, uniform white iron layer, avoid the defects of gas hole, sand explosion and residue, etc.
2. Centrifugal chilld roll can inlay shaft to shaft sleeve, significantly save on raw material consumption and reduce the weight of roll itself.
3. Centrifugal casting roll without mottled layer, and has uniform white iron layer, when drilling in the peripheral, the size is extremely accurate and fast
4. The work surface hardness of centrifugal casting roll can produce according to users' needs ,the outer layer hardness can reach HS40~-95~, and has high-performance antiwear, good inner ductility, stable quality.
5. Roll work layer has fine configuration, the hardness change is small, the hardness difference of the whole body of roll is no more than HS2~, thus to ensure the stability of roll quality.
6. Centrifugal casting roll has long service lifecycle, can extend the service lifecycle more than 5 times compared to the static casting roll.
7. Can produce roll in different specifications according to users' requirements, now the largest size can be achieved to 1000x8000.

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Chilled Cast Iron Roll, Calender Roll, Flaking Roll.

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