Anwil SA is Poland's only producer of bead-polyvinyl chloride (Polanvil) used for the production of granules, building profiles, water and sewage pipes
Azoty Tarnów  is one of the largest companies of the chemical sector in Poland, belonging to the Great Chemical Synthesis group
Injection molding machines
Provides professional solutions concerning industrial hoses and couplings as well as hydraulic hose assemblies for all branches of industry including plastic processing
Machines for plastic processing and plastic material distribution
Importer and distributor of plastic materials
Compactors, waste shredders, generators and electrode loading and unloading, control and measurement devices
PVC processing is our profession
A manufacturer of ultrasonic welding machines, generators and sonotrodes for the joining of injection moulded thermoplastic parts
Compounds & specialty polymers
Purchase, sale and processing of plastics in the form of millings and regranulates (PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE, TPE, ABS, PA)
Rolbatch - extruders and injection moulding machines
Plastics processing, household goods parts, technical parts for different sectors
Company specializes in thermal plastics processing including: PP, PS, SAN, ABS, PE, PC, PA. Our plant is currently processing approximately 300 tons of various plastics
We offer you a complete range of engineering plastics and commodities
We specialize in manufacturing high performance compounds on the basis of engineering thermoplastics